FREE Downloadable Offline Software for 3D, CG, SL & OpenSim

I have done my absolute best
to include only the most simple and powerful tools
I discovered while exploring the world of 3D
and my purpose is to avoid anything needing
a tutorial to get you off the ground.

The following are tools I found to have
the easiest learning curve for each function...
yet producing powerful, professional-quality results.

If you prefer more of a challenge:
Find it yourself, Captain Rational.



QAvimator - Free Animation Creator


Foreground Reference Utility - Free Image Overlay Tool
download and simple tutorial on the same page - nicely done!


GordianKnot - Free 3D modeler for making string
(Windows 2000 & XP only - not supported in Vista or VII)

Sculptris - Free 3D Mesh Sculpting
(ok, so the project got bought up by ZBrush, meaning now, they want your email address)

Punchcard: VideoTrace - Free realistic 3D object modeling from videos
(it's in beta - you will need to register)

CB Model Pro - Free & Easy 3D Modeling from Dassault:
the makers of 3DVIA and SOLIDWORKS
(also in beta - you will need to register)


IESviewer - Free Photometric viewer
and for a free IES Generator, go to the link on the bottom of page two here:


Wood Workshop - Free Wood Texture Creator
Not satisfied with having to credit others for your wood?

GIF 2 SL Animation - Free Animated .gif Convertor

MaCrea - Free Materials Creator - Simple and POWERFUL
One of the single greatest contributions in 3D next to GordianKnot and sculptris itself!
(Windows Only - scroll to the development banner to download)

SMAK - Free Super Model Army Knife
Preview 3D models and render diffuse, ambient occlusion, normal and cavity maps
(as with anything involving the word 'maps' this one takes a litlle getting used to)

Caustics Generator - Free Water Ripple Maker
Caustics can be described as the light pattern you see at the bottom of a pool on a sunny day
(the free version is free for non-commercial use)

Open 3D Model Viewer - Free Productivity Tool
View objects & animations, edit & fix normals-UVs-textures, export in many 3D formats
(free, but you may be asked to donate)


3DVIA Studio - Free Browser-based Virtual World
not just some second lindenial thing, this one supports motion capture